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Our commitment is to provide you with the personalized guidance you need. Don't go without coverage or put your health at risk. With us, you'll find the health insurance plan that fits your needs perfectly. 

We have coverage in more than 15 states, including FL, GA, OH, SC, NC, TN, TX, KS, IL, UT, CT ,OR, MI, KS, and more


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) aims to make health insurance more accessible and affordable by providing a health tax credit to individuals and families based on age, household size, and income. It establishes an open enrollment period from November 1st to December 15th of each year.


Plans with affordable coverage!

At VAPROTECTION365 Insurance, we understand your concerns about having comprehensive medical coverage for you and your family. Let's clear up your doubts and find together the best solution to protect your well-being and that of your family with a private health policy, for a truly affordable cost!

Did you or your family not qualify for a health plan with Obamacare?

Then this is the option for you.

person in white shirt holding black and silver headphones
person in white shirt holding black and silver headphones


Benefits that are paid directly to you or your family!

Make your insurance work for you by getting coverage against accidents, hospitalization, and serious illnesses.

You receive the payment of benefits while you are resting or incapacitated, and we know that bills in the United States cannot wait. We cannot prevent an incident from happening, but we can be prepared for an unexpected situation.

red vehicle in timelapse photography
red vehicle in timelapse photography


Secure a Healthy and Lasting Smile!

If you are looking for a reliable dental policy with a good network that facilitates the maintenance of your oral health, we have excellent options, with discounts and no waiting times.

Ask about the different plans and save money.

Show the world your best smile!

red and white massage chair
red and white massage chair


Plans with discounts and free benefits!

Secure your vision and reduce expenses on eye exams, contact lenses, and frames.

Focus on the best for you.

white eye testing machine
white eye testing machine


The Future of Your Family Well Insured!

Protect your loved ones even when you can no longer do so yourself, also giving you benefits in life.

A life insurance policy protects you and your family in case of death, illness, retirement, or accident.

Secure the well-being of your loved ones at all times and avoid the high cost of living in the United States being an obstacle for your family to stay here in case you are not present.

woman spreading her arms
woman spreading her arms

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